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Why I have to buy a Keyboard Tray kit ? Because when you have an adjustable keyboard tray kit, it's positions your keyboard for optimum wrist position to help avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injury associated with typing. An articulating keyboard tray system is the most important component of an ergonomic workstation next to the chair. For people who work on a computer for 2 or more hours per day, a high-end Keyboard Tray kit system can provide serious protection from a variety of musculoskeletal disorders, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck pain, and upper and lower back pain. With our advanced technology, award-winning designs and hundreds of options, Intelec Technologies has been a leader in Keyboard Tray kit systems for many years. If you're serious about working in comfort, you've come to the right place.

Intelec New Keyboard Trays Kit

Why a Keyboard Tray without a Copy Holder ? Here the latest IntekView addition, a Keyboard Tray with a copy holder.

IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder Opened

IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder Closed

This Keyboard Tray Kit incorporates a Copy Holder to simplify your tasks and clear your desk. With this set easily adjustable, You'll have a more ergonomic position, and therefore avoiding physical problems such as RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) or MSD (musculoskeletal disorder). An essential product for a perfect ergonomic workstation.

IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder in action    IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder in action    IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder in action

  • Close over your keyboard and it is easy to write note at ease the ergonomic ways.
  • Make the document in a perfect position to make entry in your system with out repositioning your vertical view and see your monitor on top.
  • This system saves your desk from unnecessary tool and as space saver (no copy holder on your desk).
  • The copy holder closes on the keyboard save it against dust and others accident that may occur.
  • When desired, Copy Holder can be removed easily.

Keyboard Tray Kit includes:
  • Lever-free Mechanism with cable management on 7" ¼, an integrated cable guide, an easy reach soft-touch knob for a + and – 15 degree tilt adjustment and a EZ-Glide track system on 21"
  • Keyboard Tray 25"x 10" ¾ x ¼ - Almost Indestructible
  • Non-skid and mouse carpet included
  • Ergosecure foam Wrist-Rest 19" x 2" ½ and covered with Lycra
  • Copy Holder 15" x 10"
  • Copy Holder is in Acrilyque transparent
  • Line Guide for Copy Holder included

IntekView Copy Holder with Line Guide included

The IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder Datasheet PDF  IntekView Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder Datasheet PDF

Keyboard Tray with Copy Holder - Keyboard Tray with Document Holder
We have a various high range choice of Keyboard Tray Kit System like the following :

Intelec Technologies is a premier provider of reliable, full-featured and competitively priced for all Ergonomic Products solutions. Businesses around the Canada have come to trust Intelec Technologies to deliver superior technology.
  • Best Most Solid Keyboard Tray on the market
  • Mouse pad - Left or Right Hand
  • Find your comfort zone
  • Platform tilt adjustment range
  • Maximum height adjustment
  • Good Keyboard platform dimension
  • Available immediately

Also Intelec Technologies products includes : The famous IntekView Vertical Laser Mouse, Mini-Keyboard, Jasper freeboard keyboard, Contour Rollermouse, the Goldtouch Keyboard and the fabalous Perfit Mouse.

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